Crop Production & Physiology Laboratory Group

From the Molecule to the Landscape:
Research in Service to Agriculture and the Environment

The study of crop production and physiology (CP&P) demands research across scales ranging from the molecule to the landscape. In support of the investigations at the subcellular, cellular, and organism scales, we have established a shared laboratory group. This lab group is organized around functions instead of project leaders, greatly improving the efficiency of laboratory operations, the quality of our safety and training programs, and, by reducing much of the redundancy (both in terms of equipment and space) that usually exists among laboratories operated by a single project leader, we have reduced laboratory overhead.

Our laboratory manager coordinates laboratory and equipment use as well as the training of students, staff and faculty who wish to use the laboratory. The manager also evolves, monitors, and enforces laboratory safety protocols. This is accomplished via on-line training, established standard operating procedures, and peer-based safety inspections.